About Me

Hi there!

I'm a Senior 3D Artist/ Illustrator also a music and robot lover based in Toronto, Canada.
My goal is to continue working in all visual and interactive media as a single artist or as part of a professional and motivated team. I enjoy bringing my creativity and innovative ideas and help develop and execute exciting and visually stunning projects.

My strengths are low and high poly modeling, 3D texturing, concept art and animation. I’m currently becoming more immersed in lighting techniques with V-Ray which I find very fascinating. I am also refreshing my animation skills by animating my Tiny Robots project which you can view on my portfolio. Thanks to my fine arts background I have a great knowledge of areas such as anatomy and human proportions.

It is important to add that I also work as a freelance artist. I've had the pleasure of working on several great projects. Most recently I rendered the stationary prototype for the re-design of Grip Limited's logo. I think that working on these projects outside my full-time job has given me the chance to grow professionally and to improve my overall skills considerably; not only my current artistic knowledge but also in the art of dealing with people, getting to know them and being able to project their vision on a render, a logo or any design.

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